“What we did last summer”

Sure thing, Lakawon Island is one of the best travel destinations this summer. This luxury beach resort is located in Cadiz City, Negros Occidental.

The pure white sand of Lakawon Island is a haven of peace and relaxation and a place for one to rejuvenate. Whether on a getaway, honeymoon, or just the desire to relax and unwind, Lakawon Island is the perfect island persuasion.

Me and my bestfriends booked a trip all the way to Negros Occidental exactly a year from now. We are from Iloilo City. So just imagine the long hours of travel that we have endured just to reach this majestic destination. Seriously, it was exhausting and time consuming because it was only a day tour and we had to go back to Iloilo in the evening.

As we reached the place, our tired faces turned into a happy one. The place is very instagrammable. That’s one of the reasons why we wanted to visit this place – to take good photos.

Okay, let me spill our secrets. We brought extra clothes and swim wears for the photo op. It was a great chance to take lots of pictures because of the beautiful beach, the long walkway and of course the floating restaurant which is their main attraction.

Here are some of our photos:

•Rein (IG: @awesomerein13)

• Mitch (IG: @moichelleanne)

• RJ (IG: @rjbadilles)

Time flies so fast and we didn’t even realize it. Our trip has come to an end. As we were on the ferry going back to Iloilo, we asked each other, “Did you have fun?” and the three of us said no. Yes, you have read it right, “No”. We have consumed the time by taking lots of pictures instead of enjoying the view and each other’s company.

Those were the times when we were so immature. Everyone has social media accounts and the best way to use it is to post your pictures, right? As millennials, we always wanted to be on the hype.

The use of that vacation was 70% for social media purposes and 30% for us to enjoy and have fun. I know it’s not a good thing. We go on a trip because we wanted to show other people that we are happy, we are having a great time, we have a well applauded social life but the real feelings behind all of those things were sadness and tiredness.

Now let me share to you these 5 things that I have learned from that trip:

1. Go on a vacation to unwind and have fun, not for you to have something to be posted on your social media accounts. If you want to take pictures, set a time limit so that you will have more time to enjoy.
2. Don’t post everything that’s in your phone gallery. Posting overly excessive photos can make you look like a braggart. Insecure people post a lot. Don’t be like one. Just keep it low key. Posting less than 5 photos are already enough. Don’t be an annoying social media user or fame whore who is hungry for attention.
3. Our social status, number of likes or followers don’t determine our worth as a person. If you feel good about yourself, you don’t feel the need to show off and ask for people’s recognition and approval.
4. Be in the moment. Life happens when you put down your phone. Not everything is meant to be posted. No camera could ever capture the real happiness in a person’s heart.
5. Staying away from social media can make your life simple, better and happier. You are more likely to have a peace of mind. I believe that a private life is a happy life.

With those learnings, I can truly say that me and my bestfriends have grown as matured individuals. We are not like before. When we are together, we just enjoy each other’s company rather than taking lots of pictures. Well I admit, we still take photos but not as many as before. We don’t post all the pictures that we have captured. We just keep it to ourselves as a remembrance. If we want to post something, one or two is enough and if we are on a vacation or just hanging out, using phones frequently is not allowed. Quality time is very important because nowadays we don’t see each other that much because of our hectic schedules.

So, to wrap it all up, I want everyone who is reading this right now to enjoy your summer vacation. I hope your vacation gives you the pleasure you need so that you don’t have to think of any problems back at home. As for me, I will definitely go back to Lakawon Island and this time, I will surely enjoy it without any distractions. It’s almost summer! Let us all unplug, refresh, recover and reinvigorate.