Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

~ Proverbs 4:23


“Young and reckless love”

“Young and reckless love”
Those words would always come into my mind especially if the rain starts to fall really really hard.

Way back in college, I have this guy whom I dearly love. It was raining, no, actually it was storming on his birthday. My father was at home and he would surely not allow me to go out. When my dad went to the restroom, I sneaked out of the house. I was too persistent because it was his birthday and I want to be with him. ‘Twas veritably windy, the streets were flooded but I braved the rain in spite of that. It took me so long to reach our meeting place due to so many deplorable situations that happened along the way. Fortunately, we still got to celebrate his birthday.

This is not just a simple story. I will now speak figuratively. I braved the storm, but he chose to stay in the shed to keep himself warm. I was left hanging under the pouring rain, feeling cold and lonely. Destitute and desolate since we parted. Hopefully there will be no rainy days, but I know it’s not possible, right? The rain will keep on venting. I hope this time, someone will also brave the rain not just for me, but with me.