To My Next One

Hello there! I’ve been through a lot of pain, heartaches, and sleepless nights. I just want you to know that I don’t want to experience that anymore. Love is a risk, an investment and a gamble. Been there, done that. What happened? I lost. But I know that I did everything I could in order to fight, in order to win. This time I really want to win, for real.

Will you be there with me in our journey to victory? If yes, I want you to pray. Pray that someday God will lead you to me. Whoever you are, I’m praying for you also. I’m praying that someday I’m gonna meet you and we’re gonna be happy.

But things won’t be easy because of my experiences, the doubt remains and the fear lingers. I’m afraid, really afraid that I might screw this up once again. That I might love the wrong person again. That all of my efforts will put to waste once again. I want you to turn my doubts into trust, fears into happiness, and hate into love.

Be persistent and consistent. If you care for me, show it. If you love me, show it. Never stop showing it.

Be honest. The foundation of trust begins at being honest. Please never tell a lie because I really hate liars.

Be faithful. I know there are lots of girls out there. Never get tempted. Know that I am better than them.

Take risks and sacrifices. Love is not always rainbows and butterflies. Love takes a lot of hardwork.

Be patient. Wait for me because I’m not yet ready. Something worth having is worth waiting for. Always put that in mind.

Make efforts. For me, you don’t really need to put up a grand surprise. I’m fine with the simplest things in life.

Take me on a date. At day, at noon or at night. In the street, in the beach, or in a fancy restaurant. It’s up to you for as long as we’re together.

Surprise me. Surprise me in anyway. It will surely make my heart happy.

Make time. We are now living in a fast paced world where time is really constrained. We might not know if when are we gonna die. That’s why everyday we have to live life to the fullest.

Communicate. Relationship grows stronger if both of us can communicate well to each other. Never be afraid to express your thoughts. Send me goodmorning and goodnight texts. Or you can even give me a call. That would be sweet.

Be sincere. Many can say “I love you” but not all of them can prove it’s true. Say what you wanna say, then prove it at the same time.

Be the very best version of yourself, and I will be the very best girl you could ever have.

I will be your teacher – To teach you what’s right and what’s wrong. To teach you that we have to put God at the center of our relationship. Because if we have God, no relationship will fail.

I will be your nurse/doctor – To take care of you if you’re not feeling well. To give you your daily dose of hugs and kisses.

I will be your architect/engineer – To design and plan a good future for us. To establish a strong relationship and to build our own family someday.

I will be your accountant – To manage our finances and to help you carry and balance every problems that might come along the way. Remember that you can always count on me.

I will be your call center agent – To listen and attend to your needs. To be always there for you if you need me. I’m just a call away.

I will be your driver – To be with you wherever you go. To take you to places you’ve never been. To lead you to the right direction.

I will be your chef/baker – To cook good foods and to bake sweet treats for you. I will learn how to cook so I can make you full, not just with love but with foods also.

I will be your superwoman – To save you from distress. To do whatever it takes to make you happy. To do wonderful and extraordinary things just to show my love to you.

I will be your everything. You will be my everything. Both of us will be each other’s everything. I just want to be completely happy. The kind of happiness which I’ve never felt before. The kind of love which I never felt before. The kind of security and assurance which I’ve never felt before.

I don’t want to look at anyone’s eyes.

I don’t want to kiss anyone’s lips.

I don’t want to hold anyone’s hands.

I don’t want to be with someone else’s arms.

I don’t want to build dreams with anyone who’s not gonna stay.

I don’t want to make promises with anyone who’s not sincere.

I don’t want to be with the wrong guy anymore.

I don’t want to cry at the corner of my room.

I don’t want to soak my pillows in tears.

I don’t want to be sad.

I don’t want to be in pain.

I want to be happy.

Will you be with me? I want you not just to be my next but to be my last.


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