“So This Is Love”

The day was about to end
That time I was holding your hand
Dreams do come true indeed
As you planted a kiss in my forehead

We were both looking at the sky
That moment was really something that money can’t buy
The love that we can’t deny
‘Twas truly a gift from the most gracious high

I embraced you tightly
Things didn’t happen accidentally
Tears were falling dramatically
But I was able to grin blissfully

You asked me, “Why are you crying?”
I said, “I thought I was dreaming.”
You replied, “Honey, you are now my everything.”
And we ended up kissing

This poem is inspired by my real life experience. To love and be loved in return is something that is really amazing. I made this last Feburay 2017 just like the first poem which I have posted. Then again, this poem is related to my past.


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